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Travelling to School

There are several ways to travel to and from School. Parents can choose what works best for their family. 

Preferred Traffic Circulation Pattern

To help ease congestion at the start and end of each day, please respect the signs and guidelines in the interest of the safety of the students. The map below indicates the preferred and desired pattern of circulation around The British Schools. 

Bicycles and Walking

Cycling or walking to School can be great ways to start the day. 

Some of the benefits of cycling and walking to School are that they:

  • Promote exercise 
  • Boost mood and wellbeing
  • Support a sense of independent mobility
  • Help reduce our carbon footprint and minimise traffic congestion

If your child is in Junior, we recommend that you ride with them until they are confident. Once they have the skills and feel safe, it is best to find a group of friends who they can ride with, although some parents enjoy riding with their children to School every day. 

We recommend that students:

  • Use the pathways designed for walking and cycling
  • Cross the roads on pedestrian crossings whenever possible
  • Follow the safest route to School 
  • Wear appropriate safety helmets when cycling
  • Follow and respect traffic signage and rules at all times
  • Ride or walk in groups

Students should dismount before entering the School site, and walk with their bicycle to the designated storage area where bicycles must be left locked. Bicycles must not be ridden on the School premises at any time. All bicycles must be in a safe, roadworthy, condition. Please note that all bicycles are left at the owner’s risk. 


Carpools are a great way to help reduce traffic congestion around the School and reduce air pollution.

Carpools operate in Junior and are arranged independently between parents. Once the travelling groups have been established, parents complete and submit a form provided by the School in order to receive their assigned Carpool numbers.

Please remember that all drivers and passengers must wear a safety belt fastened correctly. In the case of children the recommended car seats must be used and anyone carrying passengers must follow the local safety traffic regulations.

Bus Service

The British Schools does not offer transport services to and from School. Bus and van services are run by private organisations and contracted directly by parents. The safety of the students, however, is of paramount importance and therefore the School authorities insist that parents contract companies that only use fully approved vehicles. Students using these services must remain seated with their safety belt correctly fastened. There is a “Late Bus” service operated by an independent company that leaves the School from the Sports House entrance at 1755 during term time.


Students must hold a valid motorcycle licence. Crash helmets must be worn by riders and passengers. Motorcycles must be locked and parked in the areas allocated. Anyone carrying passengers must follow the local safety traffic regulations. Please note that all motorcycles are left on the School premises at the owner's risk.


Students must hold a valid car licence and every safety requirement for driving must be met (safety belts, lights, etc). Cars are left in the Parking outside Senior. Anyone carrying passengers must follow the local safety traffic regulations. Please note that all cars are left on the School premises at the owner's risk.