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Message from the Principal

Simon Roberts

Welcome to The British Schools Montevideo!

At The British Schools, our Mission is to form self-confident, creative, inquiring, discerning, fully bilingual students who will strive to develop their talents to the best of their abilities. This is a challenge we readily embrace and our staff are dedicated to inspiring, supporting and nurturing every lifelong learner we have the pleasure to teach.

For me as a School Leader and a parent, education is of course about the best academic outcomes and the personalisation of those outcomes. However, it is about more than just that. In a world where we educate our students for a future in which many of the jobs they will go on to excel at, are either in their infancy, or quite simply have not been invented yet, we must prepare them for the unknown. We must prepare them for every aspect of life, a life that goes far beyond the classroom in a world where the Arts, Sports, Technology and communication skills are vital to the education of the whole child. The creative, inquiring young minds that is our privilege to empower, are the vision of tomorrow.

On a personal level, my journey into educational leadership started in the UK and led my family and I to Latin America in January 2010. It was by chance that I was looking through the library at another LATAM school and I came across The British Schools' Yearbook and Centennial Celebration book. I was amazed both by the history and sense of community the School had to offer and this inspired me to watch the progress of the School through the Latin American Headteachers Conference and association with other British schools. In my wildest dreams I did not think for one minute that I would eventually have the honour and privilege to return to The British Schools in 2023 as Principal and it is as Principal that I serve the British – Uruguayan Community and its wider reaches.

Our School is set in 10 hectares of beautiful grounds and sports pitches. A space in which we can celebrate nature and natural diversity. We have a long tradition of providing the best of both worlds in that we offer the National Programme in conjunction with IB and IGCSE qualifications, giving our students access to the best universities both here in Uruguay and worldwide. Aside our high academic standards and expectations, we enjoy a history and reputation for offering unrivalled Musical Theatre productions which take place in our 400-seater Auditorium every year, huge success in the sport field and a very warm welcome as a prospective parent.

Welcome once more to The British Schools

Simon Roberts