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Fees and Payment Procedures

  • School fee payments are made in 10 monthly instalments from January to October, with payment until the 10th day of the following month. Fees are charged in local currency and non-compliance will accrue interest.

    Families are entitled to the following discounts:

    2 children


    3 children


    4 children


    5 or more children


    An additional 10% will be added to above discounts for British families and for families of former students with proof that one or both parents attended The British Schools for a minimum of eight years. This applies only when two or more children are enrolled or when one child remains at School as a result of graduation of older children (not earlier departures).

    For enquiries about the current rates, please contact the Admissions Office of the School at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    If you have any additional questions, we will gladly receive you during our office hours from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

    • An Entrance Fee will be charged to confirm enrolment, payable at the moment of acceptance of vacancy, usually the year before entrance to School. If acceptance takes place during the school year, an entrance fee plus the corresponding quotas should be paid prior to entering The British Schools.
    • School fees not paid on time will generate a debt that will accrue interest, which will be fixed periodically by the School in accordance with the maximum existing legal rate.
    • A guarantee deposit equivalent to three quotas of the current annual tuition fees may be exacted. These are refundable when the student leaves The British Schools.
    • In the case of absence due to prolonged illness or absence from Uruguay, tuition fees will be charged as follows:
      1. Up to four consecutive weeks of absence, full tuition fees will be charged.
      2. Thereafter, half of the prorated tuition fees will be charged for continued absence.
    • Fees for external examinations must be paid before the examination is taken.
    • Annual fees paid before 10th February will benefit from a special discount.
  • Fees can be paid in all branches of the banks shown on the invoice under "Bancos Disponibles". When payment is made at automatic cashiers, the “Nº de referencia” which appears in the invoice next to the "Vencimiento", should always be included while following instructions. Always keep a receipt. In “Saldo anterior al documento” (if any), you will find the overdue statement of the account up to the date printed. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the School on 2600 34 21, ext. 128.




    Banco Itaú *

    Buzonera Recaudadora 9517410
    Pagos Servicios / THE BRITISH SCHOOLS $

    Caja de Ahorro 8506844
    Pago Servicios / THE BRITISH SCHOOLS U$S

    Banco Heritage *

    Cuenta Corriente 062563/10

    Cuenta Corriente 062563/70

    BBVA *

    Cuenta Corriente 993702347-1

    Cuenta Corriente 993702347

    HSBC *

    Cuenta Corriente 3071434-1

    Cuenta Corriente 3071434-2


    Cuenta Corriente 091-0695482000

    Cuenta Corriente 091-0695482000

    Santander *

    Cuenta Corriente 019-005000498809

    Cuenta Corriente 019-005000498906

    * Banks that allow direct debit (forms must be previously signed at the bank)

    Always include the family’s Reference Number

  • Parents or guardians are required to give three months notice in writing to the School's Admissions and Administration Department prior to removing their child from The British Schools - failure to do so would result in one quota of the annual tuition fees being payable.

    The School is entitled to request the removal of a student, or to refuse to re-enrol a student for the following academic year. The British Schools retains the right to make such a decision independently, at any moment, and without explanation.